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Extra Circulation for RV Fridge

  Summer is here and with temperatures rising, it is important to keep the refrigerator cool on a consistent basis.   A combination of adding fans, spacing of interior items and reducing the opening

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by Kim | 7:33 pm

Jetty Park Inlet Camping – Cape Canaveral and Boondocking

  Yes, we went back! After a couple of upgrades to our power capabilities, we revisited this amazing spot and stayed a few days longer. AND! We made our first video together to show

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Once we can boil this down into words, the trip planning process is much easier. The first and biggest reason is FREEDOM     In fact, we have decided that is our word for

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Growing up, camping for me meant a tent but now…

Growing up, camping for me meant a tent most of the time.  We loved it!  Packing a sleeping bag, lantern, and our favorite camping toys like our hand-powered flashights and dogs, Pepper and Spot,

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by Kim | 1:02 pm

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Our first trip of 2021 was amazing! We set our destination for Cape Canaveral, Florida.  We had never seen the Sunshine State and being so close now that we’re on the East Coast, we

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