Cloudland Canyon State Park

Hi! Welcome to Adventure Palace Chronicles! We are Erik and Kim Mora.  Originally from Southern California, we changed gears in our lives and sold everything we could let go of, bought a fifth wheel, set a destination for the state of Georgia, and set out to explore between the two.

The trip was amazing!  We kept mostly to backroads and small towns so as to keep the costs down as national and state parks have the least expensive camping fees.  We actually spent so much time in the rural areas, we actually got excited when we arrived in Hot Springs, AR and found a Bed, Bath and Beyond!  The escape was much-needed, but civilization does indeed have it’s advantages.

The experience brought us closer together than we have ever been.  We learned so much about each other.. and ourselves.  Meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds and areas was eye-opening and restored our faith in humans.  Most of us, as it turns out, good-hearted folks with a desire to connect.  And surprisingly, we all have more in common than we realized.  In this current climate of political upheaval and attempts to divide us, I believe that if we all take a few weeks or months to leave our comfortable homes and surroundings and get to know people who reside far from home, we would all have a better understanding of and more compassion for one another.  And those who seek to divide us, would not be so successful.  Although not perfect, America is truly a great country full of great people.

This lifestyle has awakened us to another way of life we never dreamed of!  Had we known, we would’ve done it years ago. On this website, we will tell you all of the reasons we love living in 400 square feet of luxury.

And if you have a question or suggestion we haven’t covered, please feel free to leave it below and we’ll get back to you.

Let Your Adventure Begin,

Kim and Erik Mora

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