The day we left Ventura, CA. Erik likes to make faces when we selfie!

At a age when most are preparing for retirement and paying off their mortgages, Erik and I sold our house, bought a fifth wheel and went out on the open road headed for Georgia. Why? Simply put, it was time to go.Why Georgia? I had been there before and I loved it.

So we packed what didn’t fit in storage, our two cats and the two of us into our new fifth wheel trailer and truck and off we went. Adventure awaits!

Besides the places we visited, we also learned a lot about each other, which is saying a lot because we’ve been together since we were in high school and been married just about 30 years!  If you think you can’t learn more about a person, just put them in a 400 square foot traveling space for 6 months and see what happens.

For us, it was a great opportunity to grow as individuals and well as a couple.  We are now more of a cohesive team than we have ever been.  We took very good care of each other, too!  We were all we had to rely on for companionship, guidance, maintenance and protection and it has made a world of difference in our enthusiasm for life, marriage and family.

If you’ve been considering a long-term RV trip or lifestyle… GET OFF THE FENCE AND GO DO IT!

As of the time I’m writing this post, we are temporarily living in a rental house in Georgia, but as often as life allows it, we’ll be back on the road as much as possible.I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy sharing.