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This Is Where We Were Exactly a Year Ago! Memphis, TN  

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Savvy Bee Planner – Live With Intention Every Day

Savvy Bee Planner $24.99 on Amazon Undated. Six Months of Calendars per book. Scientifically created by professionals “to help minimize feelings of anxiety and overwhelm and gradually replace them with Positivity , Happiness and Motivation.” This

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Do Buellton in California! See Solvang and Flying Flags Resort.

Our first destination after leaving our home city?  Buellton, California, a small city in just off of the 101 Freeway in Santa Barbara County in the Santa Ynez Valley.  Beautiful Santa Ynez Valley is

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The Magic of Adventure

  Remain Childlike as Long as You Can I read somewhere that retaining your childlike sense of awe helps one to stay happy. Ever since then, I have made a point of taking everything

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What TO do in an RV depending on your location.

As I research for writing ideas, I have found that advice for RVers is largely negative so as to help others avoid the pitfalls of campgrounds, space limits, storage, and things of that nature.

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RV Living For Beginners – What we liked about traveling in the winter.

Why These RV Living Beginners Loved Wandering In The Winter State and National Parks are serene. In many of the parks where were stayed, there were usually only one or two other rigs.  And

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RV For Living Full Time – What we love about it.

The Joy of Living in 400 Square Feet Life Simplified One fee covers “rent”, water, electricity and sometimes even sewer and cable.  You can just pay your fees and not have to be concerned

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