by Kim | 2:20 pm


Summer is here and with temperatures rising, it is important to keep the refrigerator cool on a consistent basis.  

A combination of adding fans, spacing of interior items and reducing the opening and closing of the doors can help…

Items installed:

Exterior Fan

Interior Fan

Plastic Zip Ties

Remote Control Time Switch

Removed the exterior bottom vent panel.

Attached fan to the inside of the vent panel with zip ties to circulate warm air away from the refrigerator. Fan is plugged into the same outlet as the fridge and it has a remote control.

Replaced the vent panel.

Placed a battery powered fan on the top shelf inside the fridge to push cold air below.

Came back later to get interior temp.

Final temp, two weeks later and with a full fridge: 33 degrees F.  A decrease of 17 degrees!

In addition to adding circulation, remember to not cram too much inside on the top shelf as the source of cold air is directly behind it.


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