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Yes, we went back! After a couple of upgrades to our power capabilities, we revisited this amazing spot and stayed a few days longer.

AND! We made our first video together to show you what it took to spend six days with only a water faucet for amenities. We show you WHY we did it again and HOW we did it.

We just happened to be there for the Thunder on Cocoa Beach Boat and Jet Ski Races! And Port Canaveral was the staging and launching area so we got to watch the parade from our site.  We met some great new friends and created a theater setting right on the water.

After a long day of people and boat watching, we had a tasty dinner from La Catrina Mexican Restaurant as we area always searching for the local tacos wherever we go.

We’ve already covered how wonderful it is there so I hope you’ll enjoy the video. We hope it inspires you to get out there and find your why and have a blast!

Taming “Uncivilized” Spaces

One of our favorite places to camp so far is the Inlet at Jetty Park Campground at Cape Canaveral, Florida.  

We can walk to the beautiful white sand beach and enjoy the  warm, clear ocean. We’ve seen boat and jet ski races, submarines, cruise ships and cargo ships, a Spacex rocket booster at the entrance to Port Canaveral and we didn’t even have leave our site.  In fact, we set up our zero gravity chairs right in front of The Palace, drink in hand, and spent hours just watching the activities.

The catch? 

As far as amenities go, there are none. It’s a large, grassy area with 23 unleveled, evenly-spaced water hookups.  No electricity. No sewer. No wifi.  

Yes, there is a fenced in park with full hookups for those who prefer a more civilized experience.  It’s also very nice. 

The first time we stayed at Jetty Park, we had the basic 2 batteries that allowed us to use basic lights and water amenities.

This time, we were ready

We went from the standard 2 12-volt, deep cycle marine batteries to

* A battery bank of 4, 6V. Interstate golf cart batteries which are more durable and recover faster. They aren’t capped or sealed which means the water levels have to be monitored. We purchased them from Costco.

Powered by

So THIS time…

During the day, the generator running charged the batteries and ran the a/c and at night when we switched to the inverter, the power from the batteries enabled us to use the electrical outlets which meant we could charge our devices, run the fans for circulation, watch tv.

The only reason we couldn’t use air conditioner on batteries was that we didn’t have a soft start which which manages the watts at the initial start up of the a/c unit. We will add that in time.

We hope this was educational and helpful.  Did we miss anything?  Do you have any questions?  What are your experiences? We’d love to hear them!

XO! —–> K+E


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