Surprising finds!

Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

Last weekend, I tried a new herbal tea that rocked my world! That is NOT an exaggeration!

My niece, Breana, loves being part of Tryazon.  It’s an Amazon group, of course it is, through which members receive opportunities to sample and review items available on Amazon.  So our family gets to try out stuff she gets for free.

This last one was for a few teas from Organic India.  They have a whole product line, I found out later, designed for conscious living.  That is right up my alley! Don’t get me wrong, they were all superb!  Your first introduction to each of them is the amazing, uplifting fragrance.  As if that weren’t good enough, your second experience is the taste.

There were three for us to try:

Turmeric Ginger – “Stress Relieving and Harmonizing”

Ashwagandha – “Stress Relieving and Balancing”

Sweet Rose – “Stress Relieving and Magical”

Lucky for me, I won the raffle drawing and received my own box of Sweet Rose to bring home.  As a matter of fact, I’m drinking it right now!  That is what inspired me to share this experience with all of you.

First of all, you’ll notice the word Magical.  If you have read my other posts, you’ll know that I am a big fan of MAGICAL!  It’s what keeps me grateful and inspired.

What you don’t know is that Rose is my all time favorite scent!  I also love herbal tea.  In addition to all of that, it’s a very stormy evening tonight and the kind of weather that brings feelings of cozy , warm and even some personal reflection.  Seriously, what a fun time to write about this experience.

I pick up my mug of tea with both hands to feel the warmth of the water. I then slowly tip it, close my eyes and take in the aroma of rose, sweet and floral… AHHHH. The scent is complemented by the sound of the rain as it falls to the ground.  I mentally list and feel all for which I am grateful.

I tip the rim some more and feel the warm liquid and let it settle on my tongue a bit so I can both taste and smell this luxurious beverage.

Oops. Sorry. I got lost in the moment. I hope I have inspired you to try it as well. It really is “stress relieving and magical.

And try the other teas and products that speak to you.  Let me know if you recommend any of them and I’ll post your experiences.





Savvy Bee Planner

$24.99 on Amazon

This is probably one of the best planners I have seen in a long time. It spoke to me.

As a student of mastery of manifesting what I want in my life, this is perfect for setting intention.  It is laid out so you can write about an overview of what you’re seeking, monthly, weekly and daily. It also has sections for Habits that you would like to implement, goals and priorities, hourly schedule, and so much more! Then, at the end of each period, there are opportunities to review your progress, wins, things learned…

It comes with stickers, a pen loop and instructions for how to use these tools. And a commitment that you sign at the beginning to hold yourself accountable for daily planning.

It’s exactly what I needed. If you’re interested in feeling good about your planning, progress and accomplishments, THIS is the planner for you!

Clever Fox Budget Book

$15.99 on Amazon

Along with the general idea of manifesting your dreams, our society requires the energy flow of money.  If you’re like me, this can sometimes be a major challenge.  This is very similar to the Savvy Bee Planner.  Looks similar, similar concept but probably by a different author/designer.  It is a great complement to the planner.

It has helped me with the overwhelm I am experiencing these days so I can focus on money management only when I am working with the book, then I can go about the rest of my time being present in my daily activities that allow me to focus on making the money needed to manifest my dreams.