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Savvy Bee Planner

$24.99 on Amazon

Undated. Six Months of Calendars per book.

Scientifically created by professionals “to help minimize feelings of anxiety and overwhelm and gradually replace them with Positivity , Happiness and Motivation.”

This is probably one of the best planners I have seen in a long time. It spoke to me.

As a student of mastery of manifesting what I want in my life, this is perfect for setting intention.  It is laid out so you can write about an overview of what you’re seeking, monthly, weekly and daily. It also has sections for Habits that you would like to implement, goals and priorities, hourly schedule, and so much more! Then, at the end of each period, there are opportunities to review your progress, wins, things learned…

It’s Fun!

Doodling and silliness is encouraged!  Use the included stickers, grab your calligrapy markers and washi tape (both not included) to dream about what your life will look like!  Sign your commitment to hold yourself accountable then plan each month, then each week and each day.  At the end of each, review your progress, wins and what you’ve learned and set you intention for the next period.

It’s Therapuetic.

After a few mintues of centering yourself, find a quiet space. Open the book and express what you’er excited about, what you’re grateful for.  Then set your goals and priorities and step to reach those goals.

You’ll find you’re able to cut through the chatter and negative self-talk and discover who you really are and what you really want.

It’s exactly what I needed. If you’re interested in feeling good about your planning, progress and accomplishments, THIS is the planner for you!

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